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 Who is this Course for?

A 3 Day training program for dentists who want to get trained in Digital implant surgery.

 How will it benefit you?

Get trained to work at an advanced level with a complete digital workflow for Implant surgery. The attendee would have the capability to plan their computer guided surgery more proficiently utilizing advance guided planning software minimizing their chair time and lab work after this certificate program.

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Only Trainer in India of BlueSkyBio,LLC for Bluesky Plan Implant Planning software


3 Day Workshop on
Guided Implant Surgery

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 What will you learn?

 Introduction and mastery in Bluesky Plan software .

 Learn how to integrate CAD/CAM data and analyze CBCT scan

 Learn software navigation and consideration

 How to properly manage implant cases with a complete digital workflow

 Learn virtual implant placement protocols

 Learn to identify and trace alveolar nerve digitally.

 Learn how to digitally integrate cone beam data and 3D anatomy determination.

 Learn the All-on-4 techniques in Bluesky Plan software

 Learn and practice virtual Implant Placement for full Edentulous cases

 Learn how to manage highly restored cases

 Learn how to plan and design Computer Guided Surgical Stent

 Different types of surgical guide planning and drilling protocols

 Hands-on exercises that will teach you the drill sequence of placing implants with any Implant Drills and much more

 Introduction to Computer Guided Surgery
  3D Implant Software fundamental and its functionality
 Basic introduction of 3d printing technology and its accuracy for fabricating guide
 Basic introduction of all-on-4/6 implant planning protocols
  Learn how to superimpose soft tissue digitally using BSP Software
 Digital Implant Planning consideration and protocols.
 Learn how to digitally integrate cone beam data and 3D anatomy Determination
 Learn how to determine pre-surgical error and rectification before surgery
 Single Implant planning for screw-retained cases
 Surgical Guide Design for Single Implant Case for pilot drilling
 Different types of surgical guide planning and drilling protocols
 Hands-on exercises that will teach you the drill sequence of placing implants with any Implant Drills and much more

 Learn how to manage highly restored cases
  Learn Multiple Implant Placement technique for fully Edentulous cases
 Know how to pre-determine flap or flapless surgery
  Learn to manage immediate loading implant cases
 Learn step by step drilling sequences for guided Implant surgery
 Learn to plan all-on-4/6 cases with computer-guided software
 Learn how to plan parallel implant for overdenture cases
 Learn to prepare computer-aided surgical guide for flap and flapless surgery
 Hands on Exercise for universal compatible surgical guide

 Program Review and Discussion
 Hands-on exercise for multiple implant cases using planning software
 Hands-on exercise with complex cases and tooth supported digital guide creation
 Hands-on exercise on bone supported guide with Universal Compatible Kit
 Program review and monitor
 Certificate Distribution

 Course Bonus

6 STL Export FREE Worth of $125 USD

One Digital Scanned STL Model Impression corresponding to its CBCT images for subsequent guide fabrication

Free - Professional treatment planning and guided surgery software

"BlueSky Plan Certified Professional Certification"

One Surgical Guide Completely Free for your 1st Case

Free Online post-training assistance for 6 Months on Implant Planning and Surgical Guide Designing

Five CBCT scans for implant planning and placement and Digital Guide Creatio

 Snaps from our previous workshops

It was first exposure to Computer Guided Surgery Workshop and it was extremely engaging, interactive, structured, and made easy with hands-on training.After this workshop it helped me to give complete understanding of the protocols required for various forms of computer guided surgeries. Mr.Sudeep has taken a great initiative through Image3Dconversion to make clinician take a active role in treatment planning of computer guided surgeries to make them more predictable and its improve success rate. Its a must learn program for all, will strongly recommend it

 Know your Instructors

Mr. Sudip Paul

Mentor of Bluesky Plan, USA

Dr. Bhushan Gaikwad

BDS, MDS, Implantologist, Prosthodontist

Dr. T.K Prabhu

BDS, MDS, Implantologist

Course Pricing: INR 35,000/-

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