Clear Aligners - The New Normal in Dentistry

By Sachin Kumar | 10 Aug 2022

In the recent years people have largely adapted a “New Normal” to straighten their teeth misalignment with “Clear Aligners”  instead of going for the rather conventional way of treatment with metal braces.

Clear aligners are thin, clear trays made to fit your teeth. Unlike metal braces, aligners are removable. It uses a progressive force to control tooth movement and guide it into their appropriate position. The patient is responsible for putting them on and taking them out. Each aligner moves the teeth in phases until the desired alignment is achieved.

Following the consumer trend, even most of the Dentist have started recommending clear aligner as their preferred treatment for teeth misalignment and thereby also getting adapted with the skillset to execute aligner treatment planning and fabrication.


Some of the major benefits of “Clear Aligner” are described below:


Clear Aligners are virtually invisible as they are made of transparent plastic.This is less noticeable that you are undergoing treatment.

Pain free treatment due to absence of metal wires and brackets:

No hurting of the delicate oral tissues causing mouth ulcers.

Comfort ensured:

Aligners are highly polished, slightly flexible with smooth edges making them most comfortable and easily removable.

Minimal diet restrictions:

Being able to remove the aligners during meals means that you can eat what you want.


It can be taken out easily to permit brushing and flossing, so good oral hygiene can be maintained. This leads to minimal gingival health problems.

Precise Planning:

Final result can be visualized through 3D images before treatment begins.

Time and Cost effective:

Being able to straighten your teeth in lesser time with fewer dental visits.

Improved oral health and function:

Well aligned teeth allow you to clean them easier along with improved articulation and chewing efficiency.

Fewer mishaps:

One can avoid the emergency visits required when a bracket falls of or wires break.

Knowing exactly what you will get:

Since aligners are made with modern technology, you can see what your end result will be like.


You can visit the link to learn more about aligner treatment planning here Orthodontic Treatment Planning.

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