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What is Computer Guided Surgery ?

In short, it is a pre treatment planning concept of osteotomy using guided surgery software and cbct . Using the process , you can pre-define implant size,length and position in bone . Besides it , a surgical guide is fabricated to help you place the implant replicate to your treatment planning.

What is the Surgical Guide for Dental Implant ?

Surgical Guide is a 3D Printed template which guides your drill to reach pre-defined osteotomy and control depth . It comes in different kinds such as Teeth Supported, Mucosa Supported and Bone Supported.

Which implant system is it compatible with ?

I3DC Drill guide is compatible with any Implant System . You just name the implant , we can produce the planning and surgical guide for any implant system.

Can I use the surgical guide upto the final drill or Fully Guided ?

Yes Definitely, surgical guide can be used upto the final drill though some clinicians or surgery is just approached for pilot drill guide if there is such clinical situation is seen like bone expansion or ridge split.

How is Computer Guided Surgery helpful for All on 4 or full mouth restoration ?

Computer Guided surgery was always approachable since decades and now has become the first choice when it comes to all-on-4 or full mouth restoration cases . Full mouth cases can be done in a very short amount of time with predicted outcomes using surgical guide.

Do you provide provisional or temporary prosthesis ?

Yes , we do provide temporary and provisionals of CLass 1 biocompatible material which can be used intra-orally for a temporary period.

Do you provide surgical guides for flapless surgery ?

It is very commonly used in dental implant surgery . Tissue or mucosa supported surgical guide can be used to approach for flapless surgery.

What is the difference between flap and flapless surgical guide ?

Flap surgical guide i.e bone supported is stabilised over the bone after raising tissue whereas flapless surgical guide i.e Tissue supported is stabilized over the tissue or gum.

Do you provide a stackable or bone reduction guide ?

Yes , you can look around into our site for a bone reduction guide . We have delivered uncountable cases for challenging full mouth restorations that were involved with bone reduction . We can design and fabricate bone reduction guides with customized design and concept.

Do you Provide metal components for surgical guides such as Retention pins and guide tubes ?

Yes , we carry most of the brand’s compatible Guide sleeves and retention pins.

Do you provide only designing or treatment planning service ?

Yes, you can request us for Design only service and ask for a .stl file for your in-house fabrication service.

How much does it cost for a single implant guide ?

When it comes to price and quality , I3DC always stands with confidence to provide its customers with high standard and customized quality service at best price. We request you to register and login for our website to see pricing of all our guided surgery services.

Can I ask for One-on-one review to approve treatment planning ?

Yes, we arrange one-on-one sessions with our practitioners or CAD team for review of planning . After approval only, we proceed for further execution.

What scanning data do I need to send to request for Digital Denture ?

We need both are arch intraoral or cast scan along with the bite registration and upload all the files on our website portal.

Do you provide digital set up for denture design only ?

Yes we offer the digital design service for digital denture planning.

What is general turnaround time for denture planning ?

Our basic turnaround time for planning a set up is 24 hours but sometimes it takes more than 24 hours if that is a busy day . But you can always request the case with an expedited order request.

What data do you require to plan a clear aligner set up ?

We need both arch intraoral or cast scan along with the bite registration to plan a clear aligner set up.

Can I talk to an orthodontist regarding my case ?

Yes, you just submit the inquiry in your order form along with the patient's photo. We shall arrange the call as requested with our in-house orthodontists.

Do you provide design service only for clear aligners ?

Yes, we can assist you planning and designing you the case so that you can fabricate your own aligner.

What are things I may receive after the planning ?

You will receive a patient teeth movement video, Orthodontic Report indicating all the information along with STL file for the patient where stl files are incurred with additional cost.

Do you provide overseas shipment for clear-aligners ?

Yes, Our service and shipment both are reachable to any country and it takes 4 days delivery only without any additional shipping cost.

I am a manufacturer and I need dedicated support on my clear aligner cases !

Please contact our corporate team for further collaboration. We have different business pricing for our corporate clients.