Guided vs Conventional Dental Implant Surgeries

By Dr. Rabbina | 03 May 2024

What is Guided Implant Surgery?

Guided implant surgery, also known as computer-guided implant surgery, is a minimally invasive procedure that uses 3D imaging technology to plan and place dental implants with precision. Guided implant surgical guide or template accurately positions the implant- ensuring that it is placed in the optimal location, its depth is estimated to the point and the angulation is calculated and controlled.

Advantages of Guided Implant Surgery

Increased Precision and Accuracy

One of the most significant advantages of guided implant surgery is its increased precision and accuracy. With traditional implant surgery, the dentist relies on their experience and skill to place the implant correctly with minimal prior calculations. Whereas, with guided implant surgery, the dentist uses 3D imaging technology to plan the implant placement preceding the planned surgery, ensuring that it is in the ideal location, depth, and at the correct angle.

Minimally Invasive

Guided implant surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that can flapless or with a small incision, which in turn means minimal bleeding, swelling, and pain for the patient. This is however possible with precision planning and execution to reduce the need for extensive drilling and manipulation of the surrounding tissues.

Faster Healing Time

Healing occurs faster when the trauma to the surgical site is as minimal as possible. Traditional implant surgery caters to many pathways for human error, on the other hand, Surgeries performed under the surgical guide template reduce the number of such passages with its pre-planned workflow.

Reduced Risk of Complication

Accurate implant placement with implant guides reduces the risk of complications such as nerve damage, implant failure, and infection. The surgical guide ensures that the implant is placed in the optimal location, avoiding vital structures such as nerves, sinuses, adjacent roots, etc. Thereby, reducing the risk of damage and its channel to complications.

Predictable Results

Pre Calculated work flow including the depth, site, angulation, and size of the implant lays out the entire blueprint of the surgery and its result. Moreover, It also prepares the clinician for an overview of the cases and if any obstacles might occur, thus reaching a predictable outcome.

Advantageous Indeed!

Surgical Implant Guides simplify implant surgery for everyone, the patient, the Surgeon, and his Assisting staff. Traditional implant surgery laid the foundations now it’s time to UPGRADE. If you are already practicing dental implant surgery or new to the field, it is worth exploring these options for guided implant surgery. Consult with experts like Image3DConversion to figure out a viable surgical guide option for your case. With the latest technology at hand, Image3DConversion makes guided implant surgery a safe and predictable solution for tooth loss.




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