Clear Aligners - The New Normal in Dentistry

By Sachin Kumar | 02 Nov 2023

In the recent years people have largely adapted a New Normal to straighten their teeth misalignment with Clear Aligners instead of going for the rather conventional way of treatment with metal braces.

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3 Things You Should Know About Guided Implant Surgery

By Dr. Rabbina | 21 Feb 2023

- How to Start your Digital Treatment Planning - Choosing The Right Type of Surgical Guide - How Guided Surgery Improve the Patient Experience and Help with Case Acceptance As I3DC works with a lot of dentists through the globe and keeping up with things through media, we see difference in opinions about guided implant surgery. There are practitioners who welcome new concepts and then there are those who are unconvinced. For those clinicians who want to plan implants virtually and place implants accurately in the safest and most efficient way, Guided surgery is the choice for you. Additional motive to consider guided surgery is its efficiency. Earlier, clinicians spent hours executing an implant surgery and days in planning. With Digital Treatment Planning and Surgical Guide, everything is figured out even before the patient arrives for surgery. You won’t count hours anymore, just minutes. If you are thinking of refining your practice, connect with us on how to do just that.

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Guided vs Conventional Dental Implant Surgeries

By Dr. Rabbina | 11 Apr 2023

Dental implant surgeries are a popular option for practises which rehablitate missing or damaged teeth. They are an excellent alternative to conventional restorative methods and provide a permanent solution for tooth loss. However, dental implant surgery have many parameters of complexity and challenges, which demand PRECISION. In the past, traditional implant surgery was the only option, but with the emergence of guided implant surgery a precise alternative has made it mark. In this article, we'll explore the advantages of guided implant surgery over conventional surgery.

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