Zygoma Implant and Pterygoid Implant Role in Atrophic Maxilla

By Dr. Rabbina | 26 Feb 2024

In the territory of maxillofacial surgery, atrophic maxilla poses significant challenges. Defined by a loss of bone volume in the upper jaw, it can severely impact facial aesthetics, oral function, and even psychological well-being. However, advancements in surgical techniques have led to innovative solutions, prominently involving the Zygoma and Pterygoid bones. In this blog, we delve into the pivotal roles of the Zygoma and Pterygoid in addressing atrophic maxilla cases, highlighting their anatomical significance, surgical implications, and therapeutic benefits.

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3 Things You Should Know About Guided Implant Surgery

By Dr. Rabbina | 26 Feb 2024

How to Start your Digital Treatment Planning - Choosing The Right Type of Surgical Guide - How Guided Surgery Improve the Patient Experience and Help with Case Acceptance As I3DC works with a lot of dentists through the globe and keeping up with things through media, we see difference in opinions about guided implant surgery. There are practitioners who welcome new concepts and then there are those who are unconvinced. For those clinicians who want to plan implants virtually and place implants accurately in the safest and most efficient way, Guided surgery is the choice for you. Additional motive to consider guided surgery is its efficiency. Earlier, clinicians spent hours executing an implant surgery and days in planning. With Digital Treatment Planning and Surgical Guide, everything is figured out even before the patient arrives for surgery. You won't count hours anymore, just minutes. If you are thinking of refining your practice, connect with us on how to do just that.

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Full Mouth Rehabilitation: The Journey to Achieving Third Dentition

By Dr. Rabbina | 23 Feb 2024

Full Mouth Rehabilitation, often referred to as full mouth reconstruction or rehabilitation, is a comprehensive dental treatment that aims to restore functional harmony as it not only affects the aesthetics of the smile but also leads to functional issues such as impaired chewing ability, speech difficulties, and temporomandibular joint disorders. Therefore, Full Mouth Rehabilitation becomes imperative to address these concerns comprehensively and restore both function and aesthetics to the oral cavity.

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3D Printing in Dentistry with Advanced Solution

By Dr. Rabbina | 02 Feb 2024

3D Printing in Dentistry Change Digital Denture Workflows in Dentistry In the past time fixing the teeth often meant a very uncomfortable and long time waiting process. But now things are changing faster than before. New technology invented the modern 3D printing. This innovation is making a big difference in how dentists work and making it easier than before and also faster to give people healthier and happy smiles on their faces. Dentistry improved faster way in this technologically changing era. In the old days, dentists used messy putty to take moulds off patient teeth, and then you had to wait for many days or weeks for a dental lab to create your new tooth. The process was slow and sometimes it was an uncomfortable and painful process

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Dental Implant Surgical Guide with Confidence

By Dr. Rabbina | 01 Feb 2024

Dental Implant Surgical Guide- Navigation The profession of dentistry has been changed dramatically with the introduction of dental implants surgery providing permanent solution to replace missing teeth and restore jaw function. The key to dental implant is success with the accuracy of the implant placement in the jaw bone. In recent time, dental implant surgical guides have emerged as indispensable tools, improving the accuracy and efficiency of dental procedures.

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